Assessment and Screening To complete the assessment, provide yes/no answers to the following questions

These screens are planned by the TPI to survey an all out image of the body, the swing, and their connection to each other. In view of these outcomes, a custom program is incorporated into a current PGA or LPGA expert’s guidance and  golf intend to advance the golf player’s presentation.

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This is one of the most broadly utilized screens for golf wellness explicitly. For general wellness, numerous wellness experts utilize the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). You can locate an affirmed proficient at My TPI or Functional Movement Systems. With respect to this arrangement, we will utilize a disentangled, half and half, easy to use adaptation.

Evaluation and Screening

To finish the evaluation, give yes/no responses to the accompanying inquiries:

Pelvic Tilt Test: Set-up in five-iron stance with the arms over the chest. Tilt the pelvis anteriorly/advances and tilt the pelvis back/in reverse. Is there clear capacity to do the two movements?

Toe Touch Test: Stand with the feet together and toes pointing advances. Curve down from the hips advances and attempt to extreme the closures of the fingers to the tips of the toes, without bowing the knees. Could the hands contact the feet?

Scaffold with Leg Extension: Starting prostrate with the knees twisted, feet level, knees and feet together, and arms stretched out over the chest. Lift the pelvis up off the ground. Keeping the belt line corresponding to the floor, attempt to expand the correct leg from the knee. Rehash the test on the opposite side. Will the test be performed for ten seconds on each side with no adjustment in pose?

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